Corporate Venture Building

Together with the largest Thai organisations we invest in and build the next generation of startups. 

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What is whatnot?

We are a startup studio that builds scalable and investable businesses focused on corporate innovation for the most ambitious organisations in South East Asia.

What We Do

What We Do

We co-found scalable and impactful startups to address corporate pain-points.

We execute and spin-off venture ideas to make them investable outside of the organisation.

We build leadership and operational teams with accomplished international entrepreneurs and tech talent.

We help international companies create local partnerships, operational and execution teams for market entry.



Gaorai is a farm chemical spraying, seeding and intelligence platform connecting farmers with trustworthy drone pilots. We provide a platform and a marketplace for transactions to happen.

Together with the leading Dairy Technology developers in Europe, we help local Dairy producers and manufacturers to implement more effective and innovative solutions. With a major focus on technology and world-class health standards that are of the utmost importance to producing better dairy products. 

This collaboration is build to support emerging Dairy Market in Thailand and South East Asia.

KX Knowledge Exchange actively promotes collaboration and partnerships between the business world and KMUTT academics and postgraduates. This vibrant community of talent and entrepreneurs is designed to commercialise science and technology. 

How do we work?

 We focus on the pre-seed stage venture ideas that are built and launched outside of the traditional corporate structure. 

We co-create businesses with our curated entrepreneurial community of startups, academics, scientists, creative and tech talent at the KX Innovation Centre in Bangkok

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Talk to us about how corporate venture building can help you open a new chapter for your organisation. 

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