Because we believe in the potential of SEA’s firms, we provide resources, and guidance to make sure that the world also see their potentials. 

About Whatnot Startup Studio

Whatnot Startup Studio is a place that enable growth to businesses, regardless of size. We work with firms in various industries such as AI, web3.0, agriculture, FMCG, Retails, E-Commerce, and fintech to plan and implement expansion and growth strategies on both top- and bottom-line. 

We know that startups, especially, do not have enough capitals to spend excessively on growth; hence, we tailor our approaches, utilizing connections, digital marketing, and organic growth through partnerships, that work best with them. Our partners have worked with, in addition to MNCs, startups and unicorns in commercial side.

Our goal is to ascertain that your businesses can grow sustainably. We do not want to work for you, but WITH you. We care about long-term results and how to execute plans. You will be in a good hand.

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About US

We aim to create multiple startups designed to shape the world the way we want to see it after we leave it. The world with a balance between nature and culture. Talk to us if you have ideas but don’t know where to start – whether you have resources or not, or even if you would just like to help us to create this cool world of thriving nature and culture.

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