We stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

The Russian government’s attack on Ukraine must be stopped. We stand with Ukraine to support their freedom and to defend democracy. If you wish to support Ukraine and its people in their time of need, please consider donating to Ukraine’s defenders link 


Our mission is to create happy and healthier workplaces.

Our vision is to use data, science, and technology to enhance human behavior and decision-making to create positive workplaces.

Courage to fail, integrity, respect, and excellence (spells FIRE ) are our core values.

We bring together better engagement, feedback, and recognition and we use artificial intelligence to drive insights and personalized coaching for people managers. We provide our clients with tools to create better engagement. Insights are provided in real-time to managers, HR, and leadership and focus on helping teams solve problems, improve, and be more productive.

We bring the best practices for engaging teams to help companies improve retention, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and much more!


Team Size

21 - 50 People




Bangkok, Thailand


Growth Stage


Tareef Jafferi

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